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If someone wants to keep up to date with the most popular technologies after that it would be a short visit to this Web site and in the moment of each day. Sprint will not be in or around my house in Jtown. The LTE switch has sent an air-rave, which did not, if it does not work with my iPhone 6. People sometimes a week later sent SMS messages. Not okay. I use the net10 s5 Galaxy unlocked any network towers to T & used and works very well. Strong signal and super fast LTE speed. A bar. There are about 1/2 miles from the cell phone buyers louisville ky airport and 1 mile from Churchill Downs close, not lost! I can't believe that we have here this shit service. You can not take a call from home. This is ridiculous. 4 g LTE almost everwhere. There are no missed calls. Fantastic customer service. Professional traders. You could change to another company after 8 years of conflict, happier. If in or around the end is Louisville life is far from Sprint. Known, retailers are friendly and professional, but not terrible were stopped by the Sprint network service. Do not give any contract with that company. Poor service in Crescent Hill, no service in the Indian Hills and Gryffindor 4 g in the metropolitan area. Horrible horrible everything. I fall in love immediately call. Ive said that Apple thinks that my phone is the problem but apparently Sprint coverage. It is a disgusting. I have just completed my contract, change carriers. They are missed calls, but even worse, is that they do not hear in the middle of a call. My phone is basically useless. Apple for me my 4 4s and the problem is the same. You can run a diagnostic and demonstrate that all my problems of network problems. Mark my place is useless application constantly have problems also are behind the registered section (which was the 2012) was going to work soon. There is nothing better. I have my BlackBerry for all calls from work (Verizon) and have no problems. T & is useless in this area. Don't sign a contract with them. The service is very slow in the fresh air, but inside the building, there is little or no reception and absolutely non-current. Telephone service to kill half an hour to try it. It is located in the heart of a bedroom, you think that it would be the best signal. Without success, I have complained several times. Of course, not service 4 G LTE in co Jefferson. There are still some excursions WiMaxx 4 g number but it is not good for me. T & is terrible. Calls interrupted in my house or even outside on the patio of my house all day. Although the statement that does not receive the people says, I can't hear you, it seems the submerged permanently. There was the old iPhone 4 s and if something worse. I made two 4S different as a new SIM card and without changes. Gag to Aegon and reception is horrible, or non-existent. Now, it seems that no service in town do not. What is the point of a mobile phone if not to make or receive calls. I have been with Sprint for 14 years. Your service has declined in the last 2 years. I know my own mistakes, but my contract renewed. Now I have to wait a year before I change it to a carrier that will provide me with 4 g. I paid with Sprint for years had WiMax for more than 2 days (a year ago), then that changes service Sprint (compels me to buy another phone) and then you upgrade to a mobile LTE and Sprint did not No 4 g in Louisville. You are a joke of an air carrier of Sprint. This site would not be possible without the contributions of individuals like you. If give you us useful, take when it is recognized and a revision of the license to help others. Thanks a lot!. .